911 Call Routing

digital 911

Kyetech is a 911 Fire Police Ambulance Dispatch Centre providing live emergency dispatch services since 1980 for Enhanced 911 and VOIP 911. Kyetech provides Enhanced 911 (E911) emergency call answer services. When a caller in an area served by Enhanced 911 or VOIP 911 dials 9-1-1, the call is routed to a pre-determined Public Safety Answer Point (PSAP). When a call is routed to Kyetech, the Kyetech Dispatcher asks, “do you need fire, police or ambulance?” Kyetech then immediately connects the caller to the agency (Fire, Police or Ambulance) requested by pressing a transfer button on the computer. The computer will automatically route the call to the correct dispatch agency. The callers ANI/ALI information (Phone Number, Name, Location, etc) is automatically routed at the same time through the computer. Kyetech will remain on line with the caller until the agency answers to ensure the caller is connected with that agency. Kyetech is committed to providing exceptional 911 call answer dispatch services to our clients and to the public at large through our continual investment in employee training and up to date equipment and technology.

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In case of Emergency CALL 911 Do not call Kyetech directly!