Employee Work Alone

electricianEmployee Safety Tracking or Monitoring Service ensures the safety of your staff as they work alone, in remote locations or if your staff is in duress. With Kyetech talking to your staff at regularly scheduled or pre-determined time intervals an employee, who is working or traveling alone, will never be totally alone. Your employee will phone Kyetech via a client specific dedicated phone number to report their status. Our operators will obtain pre-determined information such as their current location, destination, general route to be traveled or type of work to be done, over-due time, etc..

Should your employee fail to check-in at the required time, our operators would follow your client specific protocol which may include attempting to contact the over due employee, contacting a supervisor or notifying ambulance/fire/police. We tailor your protocol to how you want your safety service to operate, and you can change your protocol at any time to ensure it works the best for your company. Call us to see how we can help with your employee safety.

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