Fire Dispatch

fire engine (770x495)

Kyetech has provided emergency fire dispatch services for over 36 years to various cities, towns, counties and municipal districts. Our 24/7 Operational Communication Centre (OCC) is staffed with highly trained and always professional dispatchers capable of handling any fire related emergency. All dispatchers are EFD (Emergency Fire Dispatch) certified through Priority Dispatch and are required to complete all requirements to maintain certification. The Priority Dispatch Fire system that the dispatchers uses combines the latest technology in systematic call interrogation with the ability to logically prioritize responses and provide life-saving Pre-Arrival Instructions. Kyetech prides itself in our ability to individualize fire dispatch services for each and every client. Response criteria can be different for every client for every type of situation that the fire department responds to. In addition, Kyetech can complete dispatch of each call in the manner that the client wants, ie radio, pagers, text, calling down phone lists etc. Dispatch methods can be done as stand alone or as a combination of methods, depending on what works best for our clients. Protocol is pre-determined with the client to ensure all agencies who need to attend each situation are contacted. Every call is recorded and available for playback if required.

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