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Kyetech was founded in Westlock, Alberta, Canada in 1980 by Kevin Verbeek providing electronics repair for warranty and non-warranty work as a repair depot. Kyetech also provided custom security systems for residential, commercial and industrial applications. As Kyetech continued to grow and evolve in the early years, they expanded their brand to include Aid-Call, a personal emergency medical pendant and check-in system. Adding a store front allowed Kyetech to became a Rogers Cellular dealer for the area.

Four years later in 1984 the company expanded into telephone answering services utilizing a simple operator cord-board switchboard system. Custom in-house solutions to provide a type of call forwarding before the service was ever available from the telephone companies.
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As part of the expansion of services, Kyetech moved into providing 24-hour emergency dispatch services from the Operational Communication Centre (OCC). Kyetech was the first provider of paging services in Westlock and expanded into 2 way radio communications for the area for emergency dispatch. Prior to the Province of Alberta taking over all Ambulance dispatch, Kyetech provided Emergency Medical Dispatch services for several communities in Northern Alberta. Leading the way for providing new services, Kyetech was the first provider of Enhanced 911 services in several areas north of Edmonton, Alberta.

Today Kyetech no longer has a repair or retail section rather focuses almost exclusively on providing emergency and non-emergency call centre services to customers throughout Canada and the United States.