Staff Duress

Kyetech offers 24/7 Staff Duress monitoring services for your staff that work in potentially dangerous situations. Our Staff duress monitoring service ensures help is the push of a button away to take the worry out of a stressful situation by monitoring your existing system. Your staff will wear a pendant on their person or have a pendant in close proximity to depress if they feel that they need assistance. Once the pendant is pressed it will trigger an alarm that is sent to Kyetech, which provides staff location and other pre-determined pertinent details. Our operators would follow client specific protocol, which may include attempting to contact the security department, contacting a manager or notifying ambulance/fire/police. We tailor your protocol to how you want it to be, and you can change your protocol at any time to have it work to the best for your company and your staff. Call Kyetech today to see how we can help with your staff safety.

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