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Access to the dispatch centre is restricted to authorized personnel, and is accessed only through a security vestibule, secured by double locked self-closing doors, with door access control. There are 40 high-definition security cameras, recorded, covering areas inside and outside of the building. Our utility provider provides 3-phase power and everything including HVAC is capable of running uninterrupted off the grid indefinitely thanks to our 70KW 3-phase UPS and 125KW 3-phase diesel generator.generator

We have multiple recording systems in place and record telephone and radio communication on all channels. We have redundancies in place such as back-up for air conditioning and heat in the event of an HVAC failure. Multiple telephone lines including pots trunks, ISDN-PRI, Centrex, DID and FX. We have 3 different secured internet service providers set-up to seamlessly failover in the event of an outage from one provider.

network and ups

As well, as a state of the art firewall system to prevent unwanted network intrusion. The computerized radio communication system is installed at multiple stations in multiple locations operating simultaneously ensuring we never lose the ability to communicate by radio. Similarly, our CAD operator system allows call taking from multiple stations in multiple locations simultaneously. There is no transition time from one location to another location because the locations operate simultaneously at all times.