occ 1Kyetech has grown and evolved over the years and utilizes Amtelco’s extremely advanced computerized telephone system to provide a personalized experience for each client. Large banks of servers run the rest of the centre including the radio systems and Enhanced 911 services. Each server has redundant back-up systems in place. The primary location of Kyetech OCC (Operational Communication Centre) is a high security site with privileged access and dozens of security camera’s.

back up communications centre

Kyetech has a secondary OCC location located several kilometers away from the primary site that is completely redundant. This site can provide additional operator assistance day to day as well as completely take over all operations in the unlikely event of an evacuation of the primary site.

network and ups
Kyetech has an impressive UPS (uninterruptible power supply), with a large bank of batteries capable of sustaining uninterrupted power in the event of a power surge, brownout or complete blackout. This system alone can provide hours of power to run the centre.

generator Because utility power can be unpredictable, backing up the UPS system is a large permanently placed auto-switching diesel generator. Diesel power generation was chosen over natural gas because of the large integrated storage tanks and availability to easily have diesel trucked in, whereas if natural gas supplies are disrupted then a natural gas generator would fail to function. These combined systems can ensure that reliable continuous power is always available in the OCC.