After Hours Service


When a call comes to your business after hours, that is, after you have shut down for the day, it no longer rings at your location. The call is routed to Kyetech and into our state-of-the-art computer network. Your account information immediately appears on the monitor, including the protocol for answering the incoming call. The call will get answered EXACTLY as you want it answered: “Hello, ________ company, how may I assist you?” or “Thank you for calling _________ Emergency Line” or however YOU want it answered.
With all of the information at our fingertips, and your protocol right on the screen, we can do whatever is asked of us. If we need to contact someone in your company, we simply type the first couple of letters of that person’s name, press a key, and it is done. This efficient procedure cuts down on mistakes/misdials, etc. and continues to reinforce to your customers YOUR professionalism.
The After Hours Calls Service can be an extension of our Office Hours Calls Service. With Office Hours Calls, we answer the phone as if we were sitting in your reception area and put the customer through to your staff. When it’s 5pm or whenever you designate, the protocol instantly changes within our system so our staff knows how to handle future incoming calls.

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