Virtual Reception

Virtual Remote Reception (Office Services) can be 24 hours a day or just certain periods of time depending on your business needs. We can answer your overflow calls if you get too busy or your phone lines are down or you cannot get to your calls quick enough. You can use call forward busy or call forward no answer so that if your lines are busy, the call is sent to Kyetech immediately or if you do not answer your phones after a certain amount of rings, the call will come to us to provide backup Reception services. Or if you choose, you can keep your phone lines forwarded to us 24 hours/day and we will provide full time offsite Reception services. In today’s world, it is extremely important to have a live person answer your phone. If your phone is busy or goes to a voice mail, your customer may not want to keep trying to phone or leave a message and you may miss out on important business calls. Having a Live Operator Answer Service will ensure that you do not miss any important calls and will keep your customers happy.


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